Wednesday, October 29, 2008

car crash!

i was in a carcrash, but at the same time i was watching it! hard to explain.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Liam is a vampire!

And he is also the goblin king who drives an audi TT.

And, Hannah escapes when i am kidnapped. 2 children from Granton are also kidnapped (by a resident from the pleasance. When Hannah managed to escape she didn't go to get help. No, she went to the funfair!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

lots of dreams that i didnt talk about...

i wish i was better at remembering to write down my dreams.

Heres some snippits!

...i was attacked in a nightclub by a man with a knife. I had to sacrifice my hand to save my sister. trip to alton towers. Mum and Dad were not divorced and Steph did not exist

...Poppet can talk. He has an english accent.

Friday, May 30, 2008

this is weird!

i have had a dream involving tom every night this week! in one of the dreams he was trying to contact me from africa because he was in trouble, so i went to africa and there were bombs going off all around!

(i really hope he is ok actually!guess i will find out in 3 weeks if he does not return!)

so weird though. My own brother has gone off to america for months! and my subconscious doesn't seem to be sparing him a thought! weeeeeird

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

recent dreams

recently i have dreamed of food a lot!

namely key lime pie (which is pretty awesome i guess...if you havn't ever had it i suggest you fact il make you some if you ask me nicely).

also have woken up with the same song in my head for quite a few days now (which is "for the pricew of a cup of tea")

i have also dreamed of living on a house which is floating in the sea.

and other things!

i probably dreamed of you....

i need to remember i have this dreams are really good sometimes!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

conversations with the dead

I had a conversation with My auntie (deceased) about the afterlife. Aparently my grandad didnt make it and my granny moved on form where my auntie was.

The whole thing was weird.

All my dreams are weird lately.

Tom lived with us in a secret room next door to mine. He got in the way.

i fell off a building.

One of my teeth fell out in the sink.

I dreamed that i had eaten chocolate and woke up feeling guilty that i had failed my diet for that day : )

Friday, December 14, 2007

they are coming to get me!

aaaaah! scary dream!

it started off with this girl phoning me by accideent trying to get through to her boyfriend gary, and she was convinced i was now wth gary and answering her phone and when she realised i wasnt she said she would like to make it up to me and would give me a gift. i told her this wasnt necessary but ended up agreeing to meet her at granton sally. however the next minute she turned up at my house and i got really annoyed that she wouldnt tell me how she knew where my house was. when i looked out the window there was this guy accross the street at another window looking at me through a telescope and she informed me not to be worried and it was micheal. and i looked round the street and there were lots of cars which had literally been ripped apart by something. hannah came in and said we had to go, so we went to the sally and it was full of these people and they had set up a forest inside the saly and were sowing leaves on to trees, they had children too but they all looked down all the time. we set up a meeting to discuss why the people had moved in and they said that it was what i wanted . my dad then stood up and made a speech about me and said it was not what i wanted and they would have to leave.

poppet woke me up by scratching my door.

i wish i posted the dream i was telling hannah about the other day. it was also weird and hannahs parents lived next dorr to toms.